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Learn The Art of the Airbrush From Home!

The First Online Professional Airbrush Learning Platform!

Airbrush Online School is the world's premiere online platform for learning the art of the Airbrush from professionals. Creating Art with an Airbrush requires different techniques and approaches and we will show you all the Secret Weapons that will dramatically improve your skills!

Students can finally have a Learning Center where they can enjoy the finest tutoring from Home. Each course has a dedicated Feedback channel where they are encouraged to interact with our team and the students that have enrolled to that course. We will also offer Live Online Courses, providing Students with the opportunity to connect with our tutors in real-time!

If you're an artist who wants to learn from the best, welcome to the Airbrush Online School.

Enroll, Learn, Create!

Extensive and detailed video lessons will guide you through the complete process of each course.

All the Lessons are filmed in real time, no cuts no skipping. This way you can watch and study every moment of the painting demonstrations.

You decide when to watch and do your weekly homework assignments according to the video instructions.

Our Academic courses are setup so to release content every week, to not overwhelm the students with so much information all at once.

There will be two Live Streams per month available for the students that enroll on the course VIP option.

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