Monochromatic Studies

Master the Values, Textures and Shapes Working on 3 different projects! - 495€ ex tax

Beginner to Advanced level

We kick off with 3 monochromatic studies, all handling different issues and techniques, as well as substrates and paint.

Never have we been able to cover so many ways to make a monochromatic painting: From minuscule details to soft smooth skintones, from precise erasing to controlled free handing, from fully transparent to opaque bases that are worked upon!

Discover our highly detailed and step by step online studies, all explained from A-Z. Nothing has been left out, so this will show you a full construction of each project. We also explain materials, surfaces, do’s and don’ts, so you can concentrate on becoming a successful artist.

Over 15 hours of detailed video tuition!

These workshops are designed for every artist out there that likes to Study Realism from Home with professional instructions and guidance.

Over 45 Video Lessons Available for you in this course!

You can now work at your own tempo and play back when you need to see the steps again.

This study will give you a steady base on which you can build up on any techniques. It is also closely related to our other online lessons in color (offered in the future) and workshops, since we use Values as our base.

Values and shapes really are the most important in painting, and once you can distinguish any subtle value and shape from one and another, you are pretty much unstoppable.

Join us today on our artistic Journey and let us guide you to a good end.

Watch the Videos from any Devices.

Our Video lessons are compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Pc.

Weekly Lessons

The lessons are divided in chapters and you will be able to play back and forward as many times as you need to complete your weekly task. You can then upload your image in our closed forum and wait for feedback via a personal video message!

We release a new block of Lessons each week, approximately 5 hours of content depending from the level of difficulty. It will require at least double the time to complete the weekly tasks yourself including watching.

Throughout the course you will see different materials and techniques passing by. In the second and third project, feel free to implement techniques and materials shown in the first project. Remember that there is never 1 way leading to Rome!

We are merely showing a big diversity on handling techniques and materials. This way we will build up your self-confidence and you will no longer feel stuck whenever you are painting something new.

We offer 3 different studies, each with a different approach and construction. Besides different techniques and projects we also change the surface for each study. Every surface has it’s own specific behaviour.

  1. The first is specific on Skin Textures, eye textures, lashes and eyebrow. Here we explain techniques such as blending, erasing, detailing, cutting and several handy techniques that you can use for each of your paintings. We also show ways to get your proportions right.

The surface we work on is Illustration board.

  1. In the second project we handle a smooth face, tonal values, subtle nuances and an in-depth study of Hair. We also change from transparent to opaque paint.

The surface we work on is Claybord.

  1. The third project is our top piece, we paint a profile of an old lady full of nuances and spots, as well as fuzzy and sharp little hairs. We put the focus on Free Handing and Erasing Techniques. For this project we mix our own lovely sepia color.

The surface we work on is MFX Canvas.

Build up Confidence: There is a bonus download available at the end of the course, to test your knowledge and make the final exam. This will not be demonstrated by Marissa, but all techniques are explained during the course and there is a short explanation at the end of the course on how to tackle the subject. There will be reflections, drops, in and out of focus, texture, lips and nose. After you have finished this piece you can send us the image and we will send you a detailed feedback list back with your final score!

What's More

All the techniques shown in this course are useful to any project you want to tackle in the future or implement into your own style. If you would like to brush up your skills some more and go for the online lessons in colour,(coming soon!) you will definitely be ahead.

Working with values is the cornerstone to each good painting.

We provide high resolution downloadable images and airbrush control practice sheets that you can print or have them printed in your favourite copyshop.

In each project you will pick up tips on diluting your paint, adjusting pressure, working with medium, using different tools to create similar effects and results. There is never 1 way that leads to Rome, so we did our very best to show you the ones that are most convenient.

The lessons are divided in several chapters, so that you can study in your own time each week. You can play back the lesson until you get it 100% and then do your magic.

*Our honest and direct feedback will help you to improve your results.

*All materials used can be ordered in our online shop, but of course you can replace them for the materials you normally use, and match colours and results as close as possible.

The course is comes with subtitles in: English - Dutch - French -German - Spanish - Italian

What you will learn?

Control the transitions

How to transfer an image (sketch)

Working with values and how to check them

Creating various textures in the skin

Work out a great detail in specific areas

Mastering Airbrush Blending

Erasing techniques

Mastering an electric eraser

Work with transparent paint

Diluting the paint

Work with the right pressure

Positioning of the hand and materials

Shielding techniques

How to use the raster method

Working with an opaque paint and transparent layers

Create smooth regular skin

Add volume and shades to create form and depth

Cutting techniques

Intense hair study

Subtlety in transitions regarding edges and values


Working with medium

Build up wrinkles and depth

Add details and depict an older skin

Balance your artwork

and much more..

Your Instructor

Marissa Oosterlee
Marissa Oosterlee

I'm an hyperrealist Artist and Illustrator from the Netherlands who has nearly 20 years of experience on training Airbrush Artists worldwide.
Together with my partner we run Foxy Studio, the most professional Airbrush Training Center in Europe.
I have worked in the past for many succesful Gaming companies like Nintendo, Sony, Davilex and Jumbo. As Illustrator i have also realised movie posters for Movies and Netflix series.
I have been published by several newspapers, tv programmes, international magazines like Airbrush Art and Action, Airbrush Step By Step, and Art Scene International, Artist Collector Magazine and been awarded on prestigious Art Competitions like the Artist’s Magazine, IGOR Guild of Realism. My Artworks can be seen in various galleries and exhibitions worldwide.
Now i'm putting all my experience and knowledge available for all my students. My goal is to pass along an Artistic approach rather than just giving away techniques.
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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What education is needed to enroll?
No previous experience or education is required.
How do you handle purchases by international students?
Airbrush Online School lists ALL prices in Euro. Should you make a credit purchase, your credit company will automatically convert the amount based on current exchange rates. The EU Tax won't be applied in any country outside Europe.
Are the Videos Downloadable?
The Videos are always available to be watched in Streaming directly from our platform. This way you can choose the video quality up to 1080p HD or lower if your connection is slow. However there are various materials available for download on each course.
Are the Lessons all Available at once?
The lessons will be released weekly. This not to overwhelm the student with to much content from the start. That makes things easier to follow and you can focus on each lesson before further procedure
How do I Sign Up for a course?
There is a Sign Up button on the Main page that allows you to purchase any course directly.
What if something isn't clear during the course?
We have a closed feedback group where you can ask all your questions regarding the Assignments of the Airbrush Online School and upload your progress for feedback.

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